Why Securus Technologies is a Truly Interesting Company

If you don’t work in some capacity with the prison and justice systems, you may find a company like Securus Technologies a bit dull, similar to how you would feel about any security system. I mean, they provide security for prisons. But, I recently found some really great reviews from real customers that made me think twice about that. “Prison security” is a bit vague of a term. However, waht they really do is actually very cool.

Securus Technologies provides an absolutely huge array of products and services used by our prison systems. From technology that can pinpoint the location of contraband cell phones, to technology the allows for remote tracing of both phones and people, down to alert response. The company even offers inmates across North America easier access to calling, albeit these calls are recorded through one of their other products.

Some real world testimonials from actual clients that work with Securus helped me see how essential these products were. As technology creeps into the prison system it can be nearly as dangerous as the influx of drug or violence, as WiFi can allow inmates with malicious intentions to reach far beyond the prison walls.

Here are a few examples of real testimonials that made me see how essential working with Securus Technologies could be for a prison:

  • A recorded call led to the arrest of a corrupt employee who was working with inmates to provide contraband items
  • Phone monitoring unveiled drug use, alcohol use, violence and even a civilian selling illegal prescription calls
  • A recorded call was used as evidence to put away a shooter trying to get a fake alibi

Overall, it makes me feel comforted that companies like these are on the cutting edge of prison security technology.

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