Vinod Gupta Makes A Small Investment Flourish

Vinod Gupta is an exceptional businessman in the finance industry. It all began with a $100 investment, which has since morphed into a $680 million company. Vinod Gupta’s current position is managing general partner of Everest Group. He regularly gives back to the community in the form of education investments. The website Interview recently interviewed Vinod Gupta to understand the approach he takes to his career.


The concept for Vinod Gupta’s business stems from his first job right out of college. He was told to compile a list of any companies across the nations whom would be interested in purchasing something from his business. Since this kind of list didn’t exist anywhere, Vinod Gupta had make it on his own. He quickly realized he could make an entire business from compiling company information and selling it to clients. Before long, it was named InfoGROUP, and he sold the rights for $680 million.


Over the years, the landscape of information gathering has changed dramatically. Database technology can now be applied to more platforms and contain more information such as GPS location, maps, and areal views of what the user needs. Vinod Gupta looks forward to the impact of artificial intelligence on the industry. He recommends for any aspiring entrepreneur to take risks and fill some kind of niche in the market. Refer to This Article for more information.


There are few businessmen as ambitious as Vinod Gupta. He began with nearly nothing, found a hole in the market that need to fill, and based his business plan around. Now the business world is more connected than ever before with ample information available. The way information is gathered and shared will continue to change as technology evolves.


Vinod even likes to share his Lessons in Business for those that wants to be successful in the world of business.


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