UKV PLC’s French Wine 101

French wines can be an intimidating subject for even the most seasoned connoisseur to approach. After all, France’s labeling system is not only different from America’s, but it is also highly regulated by their government.

To understand French wines, one must first know how they are named. Most are probably used to seeing the variety of grape on the label, however the French label their wines by the region instead. The location given on the label is used to identify grape varieties and winemaking practices specific to that area. Bottles marked “d’origine contrôlée” have the highest degree of quality within this system.

France’s labeling methods are due to their concept of “terroir,” the idea that each location has a variety of factors that make the finished product unique from wines of other areas. The weather, the landscape, and the local culture are all thought to make each wine different from neighboring ones.

World famous names like Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, and Loire are all named after winemaking regions in France. This means that any wine from outside these regions displaying one of the aforementioned names is simply an impostor.

UKV PLC is a UK based wine consulting and distribution company. Their focus is on Champagne and bonded fine wines, however, the experts at UKV PLC are very familiar with many fine wines in and outside of France. Whether over the phone or in person at a location of your choosing, the experts at UKV PLC can meet with you to help you select the wine that best suits your needs. Since they are not tied to a single supply chain, UKV PLC is able to offer a stock of fine wine that is truly grand in scale.

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