UKV PLC Talks About French Wine Regions

In case of French wines, the specific region is able to play a vital role. This is basically the concept of terroir that comes from France. It is important for any beginner to know why the region is so important.

UKV PLC talks about the climate and soil of the region. In the same way, even the, altitude, topography, as well as local traditions of a region, are able to give a unique character to the wine. In addition, even the type of grape is important too while labeling a French Wine. In fact, wonderful wines are being produced all across France. Still, there are a few notable regions that UKV PLC would like everyone to know about.

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Burgundy is one such region. It is especially notable for the fact that while other regions are producing red wine or white wine, Burgundy produces both these varieties. The Burgundy reds are the Pinot Noir varieties. These have earthy notes that are quite complex. In the case of Burgundy white, Chardonnay grapes are being used. These wines tend to have mineral as well as very light fruit flavors. This is a region that is known for its vineyards for centuries now. This is why Burgundy enjoys a legendary reputation today. A few of its local wines can command really high prices. These would include the Côte de Beaune Chardonnay, which is highly prized by all. The Burgundy wines are one of the most popular French wines that are available with UKV PLC wines.


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