Todd Lubar: The Top Consultant for Baltimore Real Estate Industry

Todd Lubar has been a household name in the world of business due to his outstanding success and proficiency in the Real Estate Industry. Todd Lubar currently heads a company known as TDL Global Ventures LLC as its President and also serves in Legendary Investments as the Senior Vice President.

In the Baltimore real estate industry, Todd Lubar is a force to reckon with, and he is frequently consulted for his genius perspectives on the industry. One of the reasons why his perspectives are highly valued is the fact he has valuable experience in the finance and credit sectors. Todd is the go-to guy for Baltimore homeowners seeking to maximize their investment gains.

Born in Washington DC, Todd Lubar was enrolled into the Sidwell Friends School, Washington DC between 1977 and 1987. He later joined a high school in Hightstown NJ known as the Peddie School and thereafter enrolled into the Syracuse University in 1995, and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication. Shortly after graduation, Todd Lubar was employed by Crestar Mortgage Corporation and worked there up to 1999. In 1999, he became an employee of the Legacy Financial Group in Arlingon, Texas.

He kept climbing the ladder of success in the Banking field and in 2005, he was appointed as the Senior Vice President of Charter Funding, which is an arm of the Magnus Financial Corporation in Arizona. However, in 2007, Todd Lubar’s career transitioned from simplistic banking into the more complex realm of ‘Seller or Owner Financing’ with another company known as Priority Financial Services.

His vast experience has not only made him become the President of TDL Global Investments LLC, but has also made him be ranked among America’s top 25 Mortgage Originators. Todd Lubar also stands out as an entrepreneur who has run several companies in America across all fields. He has been in charge of Real Estate Development companies as well as Companies is the Demolition and nightclub industries. He has also been running companies in the recycling industry.

According to, Todd Lubar remains one of the iconic players in the entrepreneurship world. His contribution to the world of business has earned him an impeccable reputation and has enabled him have an overwhelming number of clients whom he satisfies splendidly with his quality and expertise.

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