The Success Story of Chris Burch, an American Entrepreneur

Chris Burch is an American entrepreneur, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. He has invested in many businesses and companies. He has helped brands grow and 6 years ago, he acquired Nihiwatu, a luxury resort which was ranked number 1 in the world in 2016.

In partnership with Philippe Stark and Alan Faena, Burch redeveloped a parcel of land which was underutilized and turned it into a leading 5 start hotel. This was among his first years in entrepreneurship and it propelled his interest in hospitality, source (

In 2014, Chris Burch was involved in other big partnerships which saw him launch more brands and companies. To say the least, he is a successful businessman whose list of achievements and businesses can’t fit a single page. In an interview with IdeaMensch, he disclosed more about his career life.

Talking about where the idea for Burch Creative come from, his success in apparel at a young age fueled his journey towards putting knowledge and resources into practice and assisting other entrepreneurs with ground-breaking ideas. That led to the birth of Burch Creative Capital. In addition, he is a curious person and coming up with ideas is his nature.

Ideas are executed with people who have passion to execute. According to him, Chris Burch believes that if something has the potential to success, it surely will. Among the things that will see an idea implementation includes hard work and taking risks. He learnt the virtue of hard work when he was sent to work in a construction site by his father.

Taking risks is part of his story of success in business. Burch said that is what has propelled him to where he is right now. He has no regrets. If he was to travel back the time lane and start again, he would only tell himself to go believing in himself in the direction of his dreams and live the life he has imagined.

Well, Chris Burch is a brilliant a person and has inspired a lot of people. In case of a failure, you should go through a period of mourning, then reflect and understand. That clarity allows you to move on and to continue creating and investing. At least, that is what a person with a brilliant mind like Burch does, check (