Tammy Mazzocco Has Made Her Occupation Fun

Tammy Mazzocco is a successful residential real estate agent in Central Ohio and serves the four counties of Delaware, Franklin, Licking, and Fairfield.  She is passionate about her work and loves working with the people as she likes the results of helping people get their new homes.

Tammy got her start as a secretary at a commercial real estate office made up of nine men where she learned a lot about the real estate business. After that job, she was hired as the manager of a condominium project where she worked for seven years. Her boss in 1995 encouraged Tammy to study for and obtain her real estate license, as he wanted her to be a licensed person to help with some of his projects.

Tammy worked in some more supportive roles in the real estate business, but in 1999 she decided to get involved as a full-time real estate agent and aligned herself with the Judy Gang Agency in Pinkerton, Ohio.  http://www.homes.com/real-estate-agents/tammy-mazzocco/id-629647/

In fact, on her tumblr page, Tammy gives a lot of credit to her co-workers and managers for helping her along the way with tips and advice in the business. For example, early in her start in sales, Tammy was very shy when it came to fact finding on a potential client’s financial situation. In real estate sales, it is prudent to discover early on if a potential buyer has the wherewithal to make a down payment and has a good credit score. Otherwise, lots of time can be spent for nothing.

A fellow agent suggested that Tammy just starts the conversation and ask, and told her not to worry about social media issues on Facebook but to just go for it. The tactic worked, and Tammy never worried about being shy again.

One specific way of working with people is Tammy’s trademark, and that is to focus on any issues or difficulties that a prospective client may be experiencing. Many times these are insecurities or troubles the client may be having about buying the home Tammy is showing. Tammy learned that this is many times the key to getting the house sold. If some of these problems can be solved, then the case is usually closed, and the barrier in purchasing the house is removed. Tammy says that people are difficult to fool, so don’t do it. Have a genuine concern for their problems, and they will respond.

View her agent profile: http://www.spokeo.com/Tammy-Mazzocco

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