Sussex Health Care Is Committed To The Provision Of The Best Person-Centered Services

Sussex Health Care is a group of care homes that provide a diverse range of healthcare in Sussex. Their services are quality Individual-based. Sussex Health Care has won accolades for its services that are meant to provide a home away from home feeling. This group’s operations are based in Sussex where they provide residential and nursing care services to people with complex health needs. They are meant to help people with neurological conditions, acquired brain injury, multiple learning disabilities, autism as well attending to people with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Sussex Health Care helps in improving a person’s well-being through the use of latest innovative technologies.

Each care home runs under a team which is carefully selected and taken through in-house training. This is a quality improvement strategy that is ongoing and is meant to ensure that they have the best services in Sussex according to

Providing Home for the Elderly

It is crucial to choose the best home for older people, and as such, Sussex Health Care focuses on providing the most comfortable and safest environment. This helps in stimulating each person with the aim of making optimal use of their intellectual, physical, emotional and social capacity. Sussex Health Care homes pride itself in the provision of programs that include quizzes, handicrafts, music, reminiscence sessions, cookery as well as art therapy. The programs on are meant to ensure that those living within these homes have normal lives and they also respect those who offer these services to them. These homes factor in the aspect of healthy eating, and therefore, they have quality chefs who prepare elegant dishes with balanced ingredients.

Excellence in Dementia Care

Everyone is supposed to lead a normal life irrespective of the fact that they have dementia. Sussex Health Care offers support and peace of mind to persons affected by dementia. The service provided at this point is person-centered. To provide such high quality and care, the staff is empowered through learning and development to maintain a professional knowledge base. At Sussex Health Care, we take our time to know and understand the person so that we can decide the best way to render the best care for them. Sussex Health Care staff follow a code of ethics when dealing with our clients, an aspect which has enabled us to remain professional and committed to quality service. Sussex Health Care is committed to utilizing its 25-year experience in the provision of the best healthcare every day.

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