Surf Air Celebrates its Five Year Anniversary

Most airlines seems to offer the same flying experience. And that experience usually entails long lines, high fees and costly delays. However, one new airline is disrupting the flying industry. That airline, Surf Air, has won thousands of new fans as they celebrate their five year anniversary.

Unlike a typical airline, Surf Air offers their clients the type of experience more common with those who fly private. With a focus on hospitality, Surf Air has become the airline service of choice for those want a first class experience. And that first class experience comes with a unique price. Surf Air clients pay one flat monthly fee to fly as much as they want within that time period.

Surf Air has won fans on the West Coast where the airline operates its flights. For example, if a Surf Air client lives in Los Angeles, she can play one monthly fee and fly from her home city to popular destinations like Santa Barbara, Lake Tahoe, or Las Vegas at a moment’s notice.

According to recent data, Surf Air saves its customers up to two hours per flight. Why? The company operates on a smaller scale. And that means less lines, better service and more overall efficiency. Clients can show up minutes before a flight is scheduled to leave. That means no standing in long airport security lines or dealing with the usual airport hassle.

Headquartered in Santa Monica, Surf Air serves 11 destinations on the West Coast. The airline offers customers unlimited flight services from $1,950 a month plus a $1,000 sign-up fee. Currently, Surf Air services destinations in California, Nevada and Texas.