Securus Technologies continues fighting internecine crime in nation’s prisons

People unfamiliar with the prison industry are sometimes surprised to learn that one of the places with the highest rates of criminality anywhere in the country is prisons themselves. Just because inmates are locked up does not mean that they can be completely prevented from continuing their criminal ways. This makes prisons one of the most dangerous, violent and criminality prone environments anywhere that one is likely to find.

One of the worst problems that the United States prison system has faced in the last decade has been the introduction of small, cheap and readily available cellular devices. These devices are often smuggled inside the prison, where they may be valued at up to 100 times what their cost on the street is. The huge markups and chance to make easy profits ensure that prisons have been flooded with more cellular telephones than have ever been be seen before.

This presents a significant danger to the operation of the prison. Organized gangs use a telephone to communicate with the outside world. Many of these gangs have up to half their membership living on the outside of prison. Even though they are known as prison gangs, these organizations often times carry out criminal activities on the outside prison that may include the most serious crimes known to law enforcement.

There have been instances in the last 20 years of criminal gangs using cellular phones to do such things as ordering hits on prison staff and even attempting to kill prosecutors and judges. For these reasons, stopping the flood of contraband cell phones proliferating throughout the nation prisons has been a top priority.

Now, with its Wireless Containment System, Securus Technologies, one of the nation’s leading providers of inmate communications technologies, is making the first steps towards shutting down the stream of contraband cell phones wreaking havoc on the nation’s prisons.

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