Safety Plus From Securus Technologies

Recently there was a need in the correction facilities for technology that would help them control the illegal activities that were happening consistently. These illegal activities were being caused when they inmates would contact outside people via the wireless networks to commit crimes. Securus Technologies invented the Wireless Containment Solution to curb this problem, and it has been very successful. Other companies could not compare with what they can do, and that is why this company is the leader in the public safety field. The other competitors in the field did not have the resources to create the technology ,or the expertise that was necessary to implement it like Securus Technologies does.


The company wants the public to understand what they do in a better way. They are opening their business unit in Dallas, TX up for the public to visit for a presentation and tour. When they are there, the people get to see the technologies up close, and learn what they do. This is beneficial for the public because they need to know what all goes into the safety issues and protections that the company puts forth into the country, and are respected around the world.


Their goal is to create a new technology each and every week in effort to make the world a safer place for everyone. They work in the criminal and civil sectors of justice by assisting in the correctional facilities and other avenues. The government has them contracted for many projects. The company deals with over 1.1 million prisoners all the time. They use a variety of techniques to institute safety, like videos, monitors and investigations, and they are all working to keep the environment safer for everyone. People can expect to hear a lot more about this company in the future. They are going to be in more and more headlines letting the public know what they are doing at the time.


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  1. At Securus Technologies, the public’s safety is always an issue. They are always searching for new technologies that will work even better than their last ones to make the world a safer place. This is also going to be a way for uk rush my essays to used that against them and that is going to work after all.