Real-Estate Expert Todd Lubar Shares His Opinions on Why the Market Is Growing in Baltimore While Its Population Declines

Todd Lubar began his heavy-hitting career in 1995 after he graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Arts in speech communication. His first job in the real estate industry was a position as a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. In 1999, he acquired an equity position in the Legacy Financial Group and in 2002 he founded Legendary Properties, a residential development company. He boasted a rapid progression of purchasing, renovating, and then selling houses with insane profits on over 200 transactions. In 2003 he had also moved to open Charter Funding, one of the largest privately held mortgage companies in the US. He also founded Legendary Financial LLC and has experience in the commercial demolition and automotive scrap repair industries. His current positions include being President at TDL GLOBAL VENTURES and Senior Vice President at Charter Funding.

Todd Lubar is also known for his informative commentary on Real Estate Trends throughout the nation. One of his current focuses of analysis is Baltimore, a city that seems to be losing numbers in its population. However, Lubar notices a trend that is contrary and beneficial to the city, a younger demographic that has been continuously flowing into the city for professional positions. He says that because of this he has found a treasure trove of success in refurbishing older building into apartments and that it is a very viable option for real estate investment currently. He has been focusing on refurbishing buildings in the downtown areas as young people typically prefer not to commute and being able to use public transit. The cost of living in Baltimore is also not expected to rise according to Lubar, making it a more appealing option than the expensive Washington, D.C. area.

Todd Lubar has said that the constant flow of young professionals to Baltimore is mainly because of the growing business community due to a multitude of initiatives. Start-ups are also doing quite well in the community and Baltimore is held in a good light by most businesses. Lubar states that there are also more amenities in Baltimore compared to traditional city living and that most of the city features luxury shopping and restaurants that locals love. He has also mentioned that there is a much more affordable market for families and middle-class residents outside of the downtown area as well. This diversity of housing options allows the city to thrive in multiple markets and is the reason why Lubar has no concern in Baltimore’s population decline.