Providing Better Products Bernardo Chua at Organo Gold is on a Mission

Bernardo Chua is the CEO of Organo Gold and is also a successful businessman globally who always had an interest in the business industry. Organo Gold is the largest company that mostly specializes in the strategy of direct sales. He also has more experience and expertise hence accomplishing many things. he also backs and displays that through direct sales one can be a successful entrepreneur because that what made Organo Gold develop.

Bernardo Chua has expertise in the industry of network marketing enabling him to perform better and making the company improve each day. Organo is also supplying coffee and numerous products and also the company daily improvement because of the networking.

His accomplishment and great work enabled him to be recognized and awarded as a successful businessman. Some of the awards include Dangal ng Bayan whereby its People’s Choice and also in the year 2014 he got the National Consumer Award. His achievement also made him partner with a prominent entrepreneur who deals with Ganoderma products therefore making Organo Gold to supply improved coffee. Additionally Organo Gold is known as the leading company that mainly practices direct sales in the food business.

Organo Gold also extended their business all over the world including Philipines. Ganoderma is the best when it comes to the production of coffee because of its major ingredients in the firm. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

Due to the high demand for the company products they have more than 1 million suppliers who distribute the in all over the world. The company makes more income therefore enabling the company to grow and it was also recognized as the 55th largest organization that uses direct sales worldwide.

Organo Gold also ensure that they serve their customer with better products so thy can be satisfied and always come back for more of their products. Also they ensure they create a strong bond with their clients as well they employ skilled personnel so they can provide better services to their clients.

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