Politics Take Center Stage Once More For George Soros

The career of George Soros is based largely in the financial industry where the Hungarian born hedge fund manager has made his name and a personal fortune Forbes rates at around $25 billion in May 2017. George Soros has always been involved in a range of activities that reflect his own left wing views on life that have been formed by the difficult life the founder of Soros Fund Management lived throughout his childhood and teenage years; the Holocaust survivor has recently been searching for new ways of making sure the liberal views and causes he holds so dear have a political flavor that allows some form of representation to remain in place for those like Soros who wish to live a more successful and liberal lifestyle. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

After making a major impact in 2004 by providing around $27 million in funding for the Presidential campaign of Democrat John Kerry in his election fight against President George W. Bush, Soros stepped back from the political world as he felt the amount of money being pledged by major donors was obscene; Politico reports George Soros referred to his 2004 donations towards the campaign of the Democratic Presidential candidate as a single unique moment that would not be repeated as he felt the situation in fighting the rise of right wing politics in the U.S. was unique. George Soros began to once again become interested in U.S. politics in 2015 when he also made a return to active trading with his own fund. Soros referred to the candidacy of President Donald Trump as a great threat to the world and decided the best option for both himself and the world was to fund the campaign of Democrat candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The Clinton campaign and other Demcorat’s received more than $25 million from George Soros as he felt the situation facing the world was a great crisis that would not be aided by the election of a conservative President.

The liberal views of George Soros are thought to have been formed from an early age when the Jewish family of the hedge fund legend was forced into hiding by the occupying Nazi forces who invaded Hungary during World War II. Soros then took a refugee journey to London where he was taught much about the open society theory of philosopher Karl Popper. This theory has now led to the establishment of the George Soros funded Open Society Foundations. Visit projectsyndicate.com to know more about George.

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