Larkin and Lacey: Taking Down Corruption

It seems like public opinion is more effective than actual judges and juries. Some will argue that’s a good thing, but that can also lead to some horrible things happening to innocent people. Public opinion depends on the public judging the situation. If people think it’s okay to do something horrible, then public opinion fails [...]

Dr. Saad Saad – recap article

Saad Saad attended the University of Egypt where he received his degree in medicine. He has a brilliant mind and was awarded high honors ranking second in his class. He completed his residency in pediatric surgery in the USA and became a Pediatric Surgeon. He was born in Palestine. Saad Saad was brought up in [...]

NewsWatch TV reviews

Saygus Smartphone Campaign recently hired NewsWatch to do some marketing coverage for their department, and, had nothing but positive remarks. Tim Rush, the CEO, remarked on how professional and customer oriented NewsWatch was, and how they were able to effectively drive sales upwards. Saygus employed NewsWatch TV in his Barcelona Mobile World Congress meeting which [...]