Meet USA’s Best Attorney: Jeremy Goldstein

Everyone has a field that they best fit in their lives. This is determined by their passion for their profession and their knowledge on the subject as well. For Jeremy Goldstein, the law is his place. He is a partner of the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. The firm specializes in advising management teams, CEOs, and the executives of corporations on the sensitive matters affecting them. Follow Goldstein on Twitter

Jeremy Goldstein is among the most accomplished attorneys in the USA. He is the Chairman of Mergers and Acquisition Sub-committee of the American Bar Association Business Section. He has a great experience, from the various premium corporates that he has been working with, in the last ten years.

In an interview, Goldstein says that JLG Associates was born as a result of an ongoing problem ten years ago. He explains that there were issues on executive compensation that led to multiple firms breaking from their main corporations and forming their organizations. Jeremy thought that a new law firm would do well and he took the risk after much thinking.

He says that as a practitioner, you have a busy schedule. Your services dictate that you be available for the 24 hours. The matters that he deals with are delicate and directly affect the lives of his clients. For example, his clients want to know whether a job opportunity they just landed is good for them and how taking it will affect their lives and that of their families. Being a demanding job, he says that the only way to see that he stays productive is by moderating the matters that he takes in his hands.

As the adage goes ‘’ experience is the best teacher’’, Jeremy Goldstein has been in the law business for 20 years now. He says that the beauty of this is that nothing is new. Many cases are a repeat of what they have dealt with in the past.

He adds that in the cases when something is new, it also has a close relationship with something that they have heard in the past. Nothing is completely new in his ears at this point in his career.

Habits can either make you or destroy you. This is why it is important to nurture habits that positively affect your business. Jeremy Goldstein says that one of his habits that make him a successful attorney in his job is ensuring he thoroughly understands his clients. He says that he even sets a date with them when they got no business to discuss. Connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn