Madison Street Capital Awarded

On Monday, November 13th M&A Advisor revealed the winners of the 16th annual M&A Advisor awards. The event which took place at the Metropolitan Club in New York brought together companies from different sectors of the economy. Madison Street Capital emerged as the winner for debt financing deal of the year mainly for facilitating the WLR Automotive deal. There were several other companies that applied to be considered for the same award but the panel settled for Madison Street Capital terming it as the best among all those who applied.


“From the year 2002, we have been awarding the leading M&A transactions, deal makers, and companies. This year Madison Street Capital emerged as our best out of the 650 companies that had applied for the same award. We are so delighted to recognize Madison Street Capital and bestow them with the highest honor for M&A firms and professionals” said the President and co-CEO of the M&A Advisor, David Ferguson. On his part, Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison Street Capital said that they were overexcited by the award terming it a great honor the company.


“I would like to take this opportunity to say that we are honored to be the recipients of this prestigious award this year. Allow me to congratulate senior managing Director Barry Petersen who was instrumental in facilitating the WLR transaction” said Botchway. Madison Street Capital was also selected as a finalist for boutique Investment Banking Company of the year.


M&A Advisor is an annual premier event which seeks to celebrate deal makers, companies, and leading M&A transactions. The event often features more than 500 of the industry’s leading M&A professionals all participating in distinct interactive forums organized by more than 35 M&A, academic, industry stalwarts, and the media. The event was graced by various business dignitaries including Robert Blumenfeld, the Executive Director of ACG New York, chairman, and CEO of Winchester Capital, Caesar N. Anquillare among others. Both of them received various awards in different categories.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is an internationally recognized investment banking company with a high reputation when it comes to integrity, leadership, and excellence. The company provides services to corporate financial services, financial options, valuation services and merger and acquisition expertise to both private and public entities.


Madison Street Capital aims at ensuring that its clients are able to compete globally. Most companies around the world have sought their services probably because of the reputation they have already acquired in the industry. Madison Street Capital believes that emerging markets is a crucial element in driving business growth. The company currently has clients from different parts of the U.S and around the world. Their main objective is to see every business succeed.


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