Luxury Cosignment Works Well for TheRealReal

Instagram is where people are starting to go when they want to find out more about The RealReal. This concept, that redefines consignment, makes TheRealReal one of the top online companies, and Julie Wainwright is the brains behind this. When people are buying products that are used the first thing that they want to know is whether these products are real or fake. That is what keeps people interested in an environment like The RealReal. They know that they can depend on the authentication process, and they believe that this is where they are going to find some of the best deals. The RealReal has evolved into a favorite of those consumers that are interested in Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Gucci and Purple Label products.

More people are becoming fans of the Instagram account that is connected with The RealReal because it gives them more visuals. They get a chance to see more of what is available through the most recently uploaded pics that are connected to The RealReal account. This company has evolved, and there is a lot of capital that has been put into creating an even greater expansion of The RealReal. It is a business that has a tremendous amount of room to grow now that is an the opportunity to become a physical store as well.

For a long time people have been shopping with The RealReal online, and they are excited about the possibilities for a store outside the cyberspace realm in New York where they can shop for items and bring items in. If the New York store does well there are endless possibilities available for The RealReal to grow even more. The expansion to Instagram builds the social media audience, and that is what propels a physical brick-and-mortar environment for even more possibilities. This luxury consignment environment has evolved.

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