Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Leading Bradesco To A Bright Future

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has played an important role in the progress that Bradesco has witnessed through the years. The company has gone from being one of the well-known banks in Brazil to one of the best in the county under Trabuco’s leadership.

Ever since taking over some of the more notable positions within the company, Trabuco has been able to transform the workings of Bradesco for the better. He has been able to upgrade the services that the company provides, and has been able to build a better company for all those who depend on the services that Bradesco delivers.


Trabuco had had a remarkable journey with Bradesco that started when he was in his teens. He had got a job as a bank teller, working at one of the more well-known branches of Bradesco bank within his city. He knew that someday, he wanted to reach the top, but was realistic about the goals that he could set for himself. He knew that nothing would be possible without hard work and dedication to his job, which is what he strived to do. After years of effort, Trabuco was finally granted the position of CEO of Bradesco Seguros. This was a big step for Trabuco and was a position that he had been working all his life to reach. This was a goal that he had set for himself at the start of his career and was something that he was finally able to achieve.

In 2010, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was once again promoted to the role of President of the company. This was an essential position for the executive and was one that was granted to him because of the success that he brought to the company when he was working as its leader. During the years that he spent working as the President, he helped take the company to a new level that it had never seen before.

According to the leaders of the company who held this position before him were working to bring the company up to one of the more notable positions within the industry, but only Trabuco was able to truly achieve this goal that so many had set out to accomplish. As the president of Bradesco, he helped take the company up to the number one spot in the industry, which was something that was incredibly remarkable for the company as a whole.

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