Loving Philanthropist and U.S. Citizen

This couple has donated billions of dollars to see such efforts make a lasting change in our country today: Any American would be proud. For instance, DeVos and her husband donated $500,000 to the University of Maryland College Park Foundation as well as its School of Missionary Aviation Technology with $100,000, stating that serving God in missions aviation is no everyday matter and that it’s likewise important to equip men and women to serve God and their country fatefully in all career fields as DeVos and her husband have shown by example, planning the seed where needed and when needed most. Ferris State University, another top public school based in Michigan, also received $113,500. Davenport University also received $55,000 with an additional $100,000 later.

Also, Rowlands college received $50,000 in donations, and Calvin College received $35,000; Calvin College was the special place where Betsy graduated from many years ago, and she cannot give it enough thanks for molding her into the woman of God that she is today.

Betsy DeVos is no ordinary female philanthropist and entrepreneurial leader. In fact, she is so much more than words alone can describe, for the efforts that she has achieved in nearly 40 years of service are both outstanding and too many to count. Let’s do our best to name some of the top ones though the list is endless. This Republican Education Secretary, who works under President Donald Trump, has also been politically affiliated with multiple causes and efforts through 35 years of faithfully campaigning and learning the ropes. After graduating from both high school and college in Michigan, she later went on to meet her husband Dick divorce, whom she considers her number one partner in supporting Republican campaigns and conservative causes across America.

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Embraer Aeronautical University received $10,000 as well. Plus, the University of Michigan received $10,000 towards its Food Allergy Center. Grand Rapids Community College received $5,000, and Cornell University’s Medical Center received $500. Wake Forest University also received a small donation of $250. This inspirational billionaire couple has also donated to numerous other Christian education groups, including the Grand Rapids Christian School Association, which received a generous $350,000; in addition, the ADA Christian School Society received $50,000, and the Rehoboth Christian School Association received $10,000.

This is not to mention Christian Schools International’s $1,000 received later that year. The DeVos Foundation has also been especially privileged with the unique opportunity to personally donate to John F. Kennedy’s Center for the Performing Arts with a deposit of $250,000, a place where Betsy had previously served as a board member. That’s not all: Art Prize of Grand Rapids received $400,000 as a top art festival founded by and for families. Check this article from New York Post