Lime Crime Expanding

Lime Crime is a vegan makeup brand that is getting attention. Not only does this brand have bright and vibrant makeup colors, it is certified vegan, and cruelty free. This company has recently become part of the Tengram Capital Partners which is a private firm that works with several retail companies. This will allow Lime Crime to be seen in retail stores and will be available to the masses.

The Lime Crime brand was developed by Doe Deere and Mark Dumbelton back in 2008. These two creators wanted to create a new line of makeup that was bright and attention getting. They wanted to allow women to express their inner beauty and give them the opportunity to be creative. Lime Crime has become known for their line of Unicorn Lipstick. This lipstick comes in a rainbow of shades and it ultra matte liquid which is one of the top trends. In addition to this the brand has the Diamond Crushers lip toppers which adds some shine to the lip gloss. One of the latest lines to be developed by Lime Crime is the Unicorn Hair. This line of hair care products allowed people to dye their hair in several bright colors and shades. Lime Crime products can be found at a number of stores including Bloomingdales and Ulta. There is also the Cult Beauty line which has unicorn products for the United Kingdom style.

The Tengram company plans on helping Lime Crime and their products continue to grow and expand. They will still use their bright colors and the unicorn line will be expanded as well. The brand is looking to expand their product line base don requests from their customers. They are looking to add several new types of makeup products to the line which will still be vegan and will never be tested on animals.