Lacey and Larkin Takes Human Rights Advocacy to Greater Heights

History of Human Rights Groups

A human rights group is a non-governmental organization that seeks to protect human rights abuse through the promotion of public awareness, lobbying to halt violation of human rights, and collection of incident data. A human rights group is free from government influence and doesn’t distribute the earned income to its members.

Instead, it uses the money to pursue its goal. Again, human rights groups have no connections with criminality and don’t promote violence. While political groups advocate only to protect the rights of their constituents, human rights groups advocate to protect the same rights for all members of the society.

Political groups support advancing its discrete interests. Conversely, human rights groups attempt to safeguard the rights of everyone involved in the societal conflicts. Human rights groups are distinguished from trade union by the fact that a human rights group advocates for the interests of the entire society while a trade union attempts to protect the interests of its members. People often confuse human rights groups with charitable organizations.

However, humanitarian agencies often distance themselves from trade unions and political movements involved in acts that violate human rights.

Amnesty International is one of the world’s best known human rights group. Besides human rights advocacy, Amnesty International has ventured into other issues. Amnesty International has over 7 million members and supporters around the world. Its mission is to research and find ways to prevent the causes of human rights abuse. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

Founded in London in 1961, Amnesty International campaigns for the compliance with international human rights. It mobilizes the public to put pressure on the government that tolerates human rights abuse. Amnesty International views capital punishment as denial of human rights. Amnesty International’s campaign against torture saw it win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977. Amnesty ranks as the third largest international human rights organization in the world. Human rights organizations dedicate their efforts to ending human rights violation.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Lacey and Larkin devote the $3.75 million settlement money resulting from their arrest on October 18, 2007, by Sherrif Joe Arpaio to fund migrant organizations throughout Arizona.

The two journalists were detained for revealing the existence of jury proceedings to stop reporters from covering the Sherrif. In fact, the grand jury proceedings demanded the identity of the citizens who read the story about the lawman on New Times.

The duo sued the county after spending their careers defending their rights. Lacey and Larkin will use their settlement money to support groups that advocate for migrant, civil, and human rights. The duo will use the money to support organizations that promote civic participation and freedom of speech throughout Arizona and the Mexican border.

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