How Baltimore is Appealing to Young People

If you live or have been in the Baltimore area, you have probably heard the word charm associated with the city. For years has been known by the nickname ‘Charm City.’ This charm seems to be attracting a large number of young people. Although the city may be losing numbers in its overall population, the number of millennial is growing and expected to continue growing for many years.

According to Patch, Baltimore is making a number of changes to help keep millennial flocking into the city. Young people often live in apartment buildings, and the city has made a strong effort to build more of those. The city has even gone as far as to take a number of old and historic buildings and transformed them into attractive apartments. One notable example of this is t0 Light Street, where the Under Armour building now has been transformed into a gym and training center. In the same area is an old Bank of America that now is a beautiful set of apartment buildings. Outside of apartment buildings the city has even made changes to public transportation. This is making life easier for those who work or spend lots of time in the downtown area. It could eventually increase the population of the entire city.

There are a number of factors that keep Baltimore attractive to millennial. The cost of living has been shown to be much lower than in neighboring city Washington DC. Unemployment is down and many jobs are seeing increases in wages. Young entrepreneurs are really supportive in Baltimore making it even more appealing for young professionals.

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