Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia Honored

The Australian Financial Review (AFR) recently honored Infinity Group Australia for being the 58th Most Innovative Company in Australia and New Zealand. Infinity earned this recognition just five short years after their founding. Infinity was created in 2013 by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker.


The AFR creates an annual list ranking the most innovative businesses in Australia and New Zealand. It’s the only national cross-industry list ranking innovation. Infinity bases it headquarters in Bella Vista, New South Wales. After its founding, Infinity grew rapidly.


Infinity Group Australia’s focus is helping Australians reduce debt, secure their future, and create wealth. Their success depends on relationships with customers growing stronger through caring, integrity, trust, and passion for that customer’s success. Besides debt reduction, they help customers create strategies for wealth creation and successful retirement income.


Infinity operates under the assumption that many families got a bum deal from financial institutions. Their drive is to remedy that situation one Australian homeowner at a time. Infinity aims to keep banks honest.


Customer experience is the foundation of Infinity’s success. That commitment produces impressive results. For example, one hundred percent of their clients pay more of their mortgage in initial three months than they did in previous twelve months.


An interview on the IdeaMensch yields insights into Graeme Holm’s background. Graeme spent 17 years in the financial sector. After nearly a decade pushing branded products and services at one bank, he found the deals most families received from financial institutions appalling. That gave him the idea of fixing the financial lives of Australians “one home at a time.”


Graeme Holm makes the comparison to a personal trainer at the gym. He observed that the crucial factor associated with any client’s failure was the absence of continuous support and guidance combined with a lack of ongoing financial services. Asked for one thing that most disagree about with him, he said that it’s that most customers can repay a 30-year mortgage in 3-5 years, although 7-10 years is typical.


Graeme’s day involves rising early, exercising immediately, and then 30 minutes of feeding his brain — reading, or maybe listening to a podcast. Then it’s off to work. Graeme schedules his time in 30-minute blocks. Blocks are either transactional or transformational. The transactional stuff gets delegated. He attends to the transformational agenda himself. Transformational refers to projects or actions that have the potential to change his life or his business. He ends his day at 10:30 pm. Graeme says he’s productive because after he sets the next day’s five transformational goals, he follows through on them, no exceptions. Graeme’s favorite advice is, “Do the hardest thing first every day.” Learn more :


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