Fagali’l Airport – A Small Airport On An Island Of Big Opportunity

The Fagali’l airport has landed many flights of amazing vacationers looking for the ultimate fun destination for friends and family in which entails: unique beaches of incredible tanning, beach balling and scenery experiences unlike anything anyone has ever had the pleasures; joyous surfing, diving and fishing activities with the friendly citizens of Samoa; adventurous jungle trail hikes of new specie discoveries of both insects and animals; and even visit the Falealupo village, 71 miles west of Apia – to witness the sunset. Falealupo is said to be the last village in the world where you can watch the sunset at night.

Throughout the years, the Fagali’l airport has had its share of rejections. Not too long ago, maybe just over 15 years ago, the airstrip of the Fagali’l airport would only consist of a grass strip. Talking about behind the times, the owners and operators, Polynesian Airlines and the Samoan government, decided that being behind the times in this regard wouldn’t be the best idea, so they decided to make an upgrade, converting the airstrip from grass to pavement according to world-airport-codes.com.

Unfortunately, the upgrade would stir some concerns for the safety and noise levels of the village. As a result of these concerns, the Fagali’l airport would close its doors to the public and shut down completely according to youtube.com.

It was about four years later when the Polynesian Airlines would re-open the doors of Fagali’l and meet all of the hazardous concerns of the past. The business would not only continue as usual, but make some adjustments to its services. Now, the Fagali’l airport would fly customer to and from Pago Pago, America Samoa.

In previous years, the Fagali’l airport would fail to keep many of the customers that they’d acquire, but all of that would change when architects would build hotels near the airport and shutter services were offered.

Today, the Fagali’l airport is surrounded by the following hotels: Tanoa Tusitala Hotel, Insel Fehmarn Hotel, Insel Fehmarn Hotel, Le Alaimoana Hotel, Samoan Outrigger Hotel. Prices start at just $49 per night.

The Fagali’l arirport is alive and well, flying in vacationers constantly throughout the year according to books.google.com. It’s tropical climate receives temperatures of 75 – 85 degrees year around, allowing for comfortable experiences at beaches and other outdoor activity locations in apia, even in the winter. Book your flight now!

Search more about Fagali’l arirport: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/samoa/upolu/transportation/fagalii-airport/a/poi-tra/1483125/362914

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