Dr. Saad Saad – recap article

Saad Saad attended the University of Egypt where he received his degree in medicine. He has a brilliant mind and was awarded high honors ranking second in his class. He completed his residency in pediatric surgery in the USA and became a Pediatric Surgeon. He was born in Palestine. Saad Saad was brought up in Kuwait with his older siblings of which he is the youngest. He is the proud parent of four children and a beautiful wife of 45 years. Two of his children followed in his footsteps and became Surgeons; one of his children became an Attorney, another entered the field of medicine and became an ICU (Intensive Care Unit), Nurse.


As an outstanding Pediatric Surgeon, Dr. Saad developed numerous pediatric surgical procedures where he patented two inventions. He has over 40 years of practice as a Pediatric Surgeon, where he performed surgeries on children including infants and teenagers that were complicated. Dr. Saad has a passion for helping those in need. He volunteered his services as a Pediatric Surgeon, traveling to Jerusalem eight times as a missionary doctor. In Jerusalem, he performed many complicated surgeries on children whose parents could not afford the cost of their medical care.


Dr. Saad worked at K Hovnanian Children’s Hospital at Hackensack Meridian Health Care System as the Co-Medical Director and Surgeon-in-Chief. Dr. Saad is retired from medicine.


According to Dr. Saad, in 1965, while he was attending high school in Kuwait, he wanted to become an engineer because his two brothers were working in the construction industry. Due to the high temperatures in Kuwait, Dr. Saad decided that working indoors instead of outdoors was a better idea. Not wanting to work in the hot sun, which sometimes reached 110-degrees, he decided to become a pediatric surgeon.


One of the biggest habits of Dr. Saad is to be organized in everything he does. He also believes that research in the medical field is important. Some lessons he learned from his mentor are it does not matter what race, physical abilities, religion, or financial abilities one has, everyone should be treated the same. Being honest, hard-working, and kind is a lesson he learned well. When it comes to the future of medicine, Dr. Saab believes genetics is a factor in the development of the medical establishment understanding of the prevention, and treatment of deep-rooted diseases, such as cancer. When preparing for surgery, it was Dr. Saab’s habit of reviewing the charts of the patient before performing surgery. He needed to do a medical review of the procedures he was about to perform on the patient. This medical review of the patient’s chart was essential especially if the surgery was of a delicate nature.¬†Learn more:¬†https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/