Doe Deere, owner of the popular beauty company, Lime Crime, is certainly a great inspiration and force of nature for women everywhere. Doe is the perfect example of starting from the ground up, on solely her hopes and dreams, and making it big in the beauty industry. Her line of cosmetics features bold and fun colors that you won’t find anywhere else. She’s always been inspired by color and uses it to show her outgoing, fearless personality. Not only has she become popular through her cosmetics line, but she has become an icon for so many young women who are still or there finding themselves.


The Queen of Unicorns,” is one way to describe Doe. Her unicorns are her inspiration to create more unique colors in her cosmetics line and to keep showing her personality through social media. Though she started as a musician, her entrepreneurial skills and creativity have always paved the way for her success. As a teenager she sold hand drawn temporary tattoos on the streets of New York and even had great luck in that venture. New York City was a great place for her to use her creativity for business and was great inspiration when it comes to fashion and cosmetics. Learn more:

Doe used the current trends at the time to fire back with a more unique style. While everything was about being “au natural,” she had always gravitated towards bright and bold colors and needed them to be in her color palettes. Well, it turned out a lot of other women were looking for a similar quality in their cosmetics- a different, unique look you wouldn’t find in other brands. That quality alone allowed great success for this new up and coming business.


Doe finds that she is able to express herself through cosmetics and a lot of women can identify with this. In a day and age where self expression is now encouraged and “safe,” Lime Crime really speaks to people around the world. What started as a passion become a true success all because this one strong woman encouraged others to be different and unique without hesitation. You can follow this powerful woman on Instagram where you will see what true self expression really looks like.