Daniel Taub’s Remarkable Leadership Skills Shows Trade Results

Then as now, leadership is measured with how it affects the lives of many. Virtuous leadership is the type of leadership that doesn’t announce itself in public, but still, does its job of providing quality service to the constituents.


In the case of Daniel Taub, the Israeli ambassador who is now resigning after four years of tenured service, leadership gets measured with how much trade became established during the years he has served.


Fortunately, there’s a lot of progress happening in U.K. and Israel after the service of Daniel Taub. In fact, according to the report by Algemeiner, the trade relations between the two countries doubled after his resignation.

The exchanges between the two states have seen remarkable growth. At the end of the service of the Daniel Taub was a trade achievement that no other leader seems to have previously seen.

Daniel Taub’s tenure was able to strengthen the ties between the two nations not just in the academic and cultural links between the two, but also on the exchange of economic and cultural ties that bind countries together. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase


In the statement released by the Israel embassy, a report confirms that under Daniel Taub’s term, the total trade between Israel and U.K. seems to have entered the golden era of business today.


This growth gets reflected in the more than 300 Israeli companies that have set up their operations and programs in the U.K. The British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation, and Skills Sajid Javid also confirmed this golden era of business that may quickly get credited to Daniel Taub’s impressive performance.


In fact, according to the Israel-Britain Chamber of Commerce, over $5.5 billion is now generated in the bilateral trade relations between U.K and Isreal. Javid even confirmed that the figures could amount to a total of $7 billion. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia


Taub, born in the U.K., started last 2011 the role of being one of the best Israeli ambassadors today. His training as a peace negotiator and travels to Northern Ireland also contributed a lot to the training he needed for the leadership roles required of him by the embassy.


Indeed, there’s still a lot more going in the life of former Ambassador Taub and with the deeper understanding that he has of the trade relations between two states, it goes without saying that he should play more leadership roles today.

People will need this kind of experience and maximized performance that has shown quality delivery and results.

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