Real-Estate Expert Todd Lubar Shares His Opinions on Why the Market Is Growing in Baltimore While Its Population Declines

Todd Lubar began his heavy-hitting career in 1995 after he graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Arts in speech communication. His first job in the real estate industry was a position as a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. In 1999, he acquired an equity position in the Legacy Financial Group and in 2002 he [...]

Things You Should Know from Jim Tananbaum’ Healthcare-Based Career

Jim Tananbaum is the CEO and founder of Foresite Capital. In 2012, he founded Foresite a private equity company dedicated to healthcare. His firm specializes in determining future leaders in the healthcare sector. Foresite, under Jim’s leadership, helps grow these leaders to profitability by providing information, capital, and networks. Visit Business for more info. Before [...]