Award winning Securus Technologies unveils new anti-drone tech.

Aerial drones are a relatively new technology. They are fun to play with, take photos and videos with, and they serve important roles in law enforcement and military roles.

But with the growing popularity and availability of drones, comes new risks that have emerged, that pose a serious danger to our safety and security, particularly in our nation’s prisons.

In more and more cases across the country, drones are being used in an attempt to deliver anything from illegal cell phones, to drugs and weapons to prisons. These drones not only pose a serious threat to correction officers, but also inmates that can be harmed from the illegal cargo the drones carry. With this growing threat that drones pose to the safety and security of correctional facilities, new technology is being developed to detect and stop drones from reaching these facilities.

One company has risen to the challenge, in an effort to help combat the rising threat of illegal contraband drones. The three time 2018 Stevie Award winner for Sales and Customer service, Securus Technologies, recently unveiled new counter-drone and detection technology.

After an 18 month long assessment, Securus Technologies has helped to “fine tune drone detection systems, more quickly” and “So far the results have been outstanding.” This new technology is a similar system to Securus’s current Wireless Containment Solution called digital antenna structure (DAS). Working closely with their correction and detection partners in trials, Securus has “already identified new tactics and methods” in drone detection with the goal of bringing scalable solutions to keep people safe.

Securus Technologies, headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, is already an industry leader in providing technology enabled solutions to government, law enforcement, and correctional facilities across the United States, serving over 3500 agencies including over 1.2 million inmates. Securus Technologies and the products they deliver to customers, is committed to making the world a safer place to live for everyone.

In a demonstration of its commitment to providing outstanding service, on February 23, 2018, Securus Technologies took home three Stevie Awards for customer service excellence. The coveted Stevie Award is one of the world’s premier business award competitions. Every year the Stevie Awards receive over 10,000 nominations in more than 60 countries. Competition is fierce and to take home an award, let alone three, confirms Securus’s commitment to excellence.